A Few Reminders

Values aren't guided by money. You're thinking of greed.

The best ideas fit on an index card. Do us a favor, try not to expand it into a book.

God is in the dishwater.

Dogs are the most spirited of all creatures.

If it feels impossible, a nap is probably in order.

A small set of tools and a sewing kit can resolve a lot of your problems. A library card will likely fix the rest.

Data, metrics, trends: these tell you what happened. Nothing can tell you what will happen.

Stories don't sell, they invite and inspire.

Let Strangers be Strange.

Chances are no one cares.

This is all made up. This is all a story. Every hierarchy is a fabrication. Every title is an arbitrary agreement. You may as well make up your own nonsense. David Pennington: A Very Creative Consultant.

You can't be the hero of your story without being the villain in someone else's. I guess that person would care.

You demonize what you most desire.

Most folks ain't happy unless they got something to be mad at.

You’d be astonished how many of the rules and laws that govern your actions are the direct consequence of insurance premiums.

Just because you can't see the order behind something doesn't mean it is "in chaos." Order and control are subjective to whatever idiot is in charge.

It's hard to seek out the truth when you struggle being honest with yourself.

What would happen if you gave this away for free?

A good way to ruin your marketing plan is to read all the blogs and books of what other folks have done.

No one wants to feel like they’re being sold to. This usually brings about buyer’s remorse. Everyone wants the chance to buy into something. Maybe they’re buying into themselves. Maybe they want to be a part of whatever it is you’re doing.

Write. Write a lot. Write even though you have no intention of publishing. When you share a fraction of what you write that fraction tends to be pure dynamite.